The hull of SJØBLOMSTEN was built in 1915 by an unknown shipbuilder. She was built as a 37 feet fishing boat with deck. As such she represents the typical type of fishing boat transferring from open to closed fishing boat.

SJØBLOMSTEN represents thrift in the Coastal Fishing communities. She has been used as a freight vessel, fishing with various types of equipment and for whale hunting. From 1915 SJØBLOMSTEN has continuously been changed and adapted to cater for the use of the vessel.

SJØBLOMSTEN of today represents some of the most modern coastal fishing boat for its size, accommodation, instrumentation and look.

The history from 1915 until 1940 is largely unknown. From 1940 she was used as a floating merchandise fair for trading houses propelling the coast of north Norway.

She was also used as a coastal freight carrier for various goods including fish products. SJØBLOMSTEN was update and lengthened in 1944 to 52 feet. She was then used as a fishing vessel and from 1945 also as a whale catcher. When not engaged for whaling she was used as a Fishing vessel, mainly with nets, seine fishing and shrimp trawling.

From 1963 to 2005 SJØBLOMSTEN was solely used for seine fishing. I 2000 the hull was reconstructed, and it was lengthened to 57 feet.

After 2006, the new owners have planned and fulfilled many repairs and update to the vessel and equipment.