Technical admin January 23, 2023


SJØBLOMSTEN today is a typical north-Norwegian coastal fishing vessel of 57 feet.

She is furnished with modern electronic navigation- and fish finding equipment.

We have modern life saving equipment including an emergency raft for 25 persons.

Main propulsion is a Volvo diesel engine of 450 horsepower driving a single propeller.

The diesel engine has electrical start. Power onboard comes from chargeable batteries feeding a converter to 220 Volt.

Heating for accommodation is taken from the main engine when underway. At standstill the accommodation is heated with a diesel driven heater system.


All use of the vessel depends on the actual weather and sea conditions. The captain is solely responsible to determine if the weather conditions can permit the vessel to carry out the planned trip(s) for the day.

The passengers have always to follow the orders of the captain and the crew.

All passengers must wear protective clothing which will be distributed before departure.

The crew will inform you where you can find lifebelts and other lifesaving equipment.

SJØBLOMSTEN has life belts to all persons onboard.

You will find a 25 persons, certified emergency raft on top of the wheelhouse

All onboard are required to follow the emergency procedures given by the crew prior to departure.