About admin January 17, 2023

The main goal for the operation, management and maintenance of the vessel is to secure SJØBLOMSTEN as a vessel of heritage representing the typical north-Norwegian fishing vessels.

For this, we operate the vessel, renting it out for smaller local tours, historical cruises, fishing trips for main local events, company arrangements and fishing tours with state-of-the-art rod fishing. We are also planning to show the use and operation with traditional fishing, like longline and net-fishing.

The catch can be delivered to a modern, but still traditional, small fish factory in Nyksund. The participants can see and learn about traditional fish landing from boat to shore. And learn how to cut and prepare fish to be ready for cooking. In addition, if agreed, small amounts of the catch can be prepared onboard.

Skipper, crew, and guides are all experienced with many years of experience.

SJØBLOMSTEN is operated in a professional way by Sjøblomsten Nyksund AS by enthusiasts with education, knowledge and connection to the local fishing trade and culture of Vesterålen.