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Fishing Adventures

in Nyksund

Fishing Trips and Cruises

MS SJØBLOMSTEN is here to meet and exceed your expectations.
With safe, fun, and family friendly options, we are happy to get you out fishing while in Nyksund, Norway.

Short Fishing Trip to Øksnes

Experience a fishing trip to Prestfjorden-Gåsøya-Nyksund-Stø.

   3-4 h         

Short fishing trip to Sortland

Experience a fishing trip to Sortlandssundet – Gavelfjord.

    3-4 h     

Longer Fishing Trip to Øksnes

Longer fishing trip to Prestfjorden – Gåsøya – Nyksund – Stø.

   4-6 h   

Historical Cruise to Vestbygda

Historical whole day Cruise Nyksund – Myre to Skipnes & back.

   7-8 h      

Historical Cruise to Breistrand

Historical Cruise Nyksund/Myre to Breistrand/Øksnes and back.

   4-5 h      

Seal and Bird Safari

Just north of Nyksund and outside Stø is Anda Lighthouse.

     2-3 h        

Boat & Crew

The hull of MS SJØBLOMSTEN  was built in 1915 by an unknown shipbuilder. She was built as a 37 feet fishing boat with deck. As such she represents the typical type of fishing boat transferring from open to closed fishing boat.
Skipper, crew, and guides all have many years of experience.


How to Prepare for a Trip

The weather in Nyksund can vary a lot. Dressing in layers is important due to quickly changing weather. Please be sure to bring a rain jacket and pants to avoid being uncomfortable and wet all day.